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  1. MillerMod 2.1 watt single cell driver using a 1.5V Energizer L91 lithium cell.
  2. Latest mod circuit: 2 cell 3 watt L2P Fenix driver
  3. And...The 3-stage L0P mod!
  4. Custom Maglite Tri/Quad Luxeon up to 12 watts from 1 to 2 NIMH D cells (9-12Ah)
  5. Updated MillerMods 3/4, 1, or 1.5 watt Luxeon ARC AAA Mod Sales Thread
  6. Sign-up thread for the MillerMods high power Arc AAA Cree XR-E mod
  7. FS: MillerMod Arc heads (ALL SOLD)
  8. Arc AAA mod with Cree XR-E vs. LOP SE
  9. Cree XR-E Mag 3XAA mod with beamshots
  10. My New Malkoff Projects
  11. Mod Inova 24/7
  12. Built My First Streamlight Stinger Dropin
  13. Show us your MillerMods!
  14. Sign-up thread for the MillerMods high power Arc AAA Cree XR-E mod (Part 2)
  15. What kind of runtime are you guys getting with the millermods arc
  16. Durability & Functionality Compared to the Arc AAA?
  17. I need a modder for a project. 7 C streamlight mod..
  18. Need to Remove original Bezel for Maxlite AA
  19. ArcMania SF-V mods?
  20. Task Force Mini 1-Watt 1-Cell AA Aluminum Flashlight
  21. Is anyone interested in building a Headlamp?
  22. Streamlight M3 weaponlight Mod
  23. FEELER: SL-20X 3.8AH NiMH battery sticks
  24. will SSC P4 Z-LED U-bin Emitter fix FMR1?
  25. Maglite HID modd
  26. Gene Malkoff Going at it Full Time w/New Additions
  27. Hi Modders, I would like to an review with you...
  28. Can anybody convert this lamp module to take bi-pin bulbs?
  29. Any succesful modders in Houston Texas?
  30. Upgrade LED in original "CPF Edition" Arc-AAA?
  31. Insight x2 led conversion- anybody interested?
  32. Easy to find Nyogel alternative?
  33. Gladius mods-who?
  34. HDS mods? Searchy no worky....
  35. Nickel Plating
  36. Reflector size: how small can it get?
  37. Lumiled to Cree swap?
  38. Makers who work in 6/4?
  39. Best tailcap for PEU pineapple body?
  40. Modders interested in a Nuwai challenge?
  41. Single AA versus double AAA - design question
  42. kl4 mods
  43. I need a turned down McR-19XR
  44. Reflector Cleaning
  45. Any reputable UK modders?
  46. Idea to make inaccessible smooth reflector OP'd
  47. E2-compatible heads??
  48. Help in drive 92*Cree XRE P4 leds.
  49. Wanted:Modder for Streamlight Sidewinders
  50. Streamlight M6X modded to LED? Possible?