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    Welcome to all newcomers! Still remember my first welcome

    Thread Starter: Bimmerboy

    It's a new decade, and I'm glad to see more people signing up. I'm also feeling nostalgic, and am not counting tonight's beers... haha.

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    LED Monkey

    Question for Olight on Warrior X Pro

    Thread Starter: LED Monkey

    This light quite interesting but I would like to know if the Warrior X Pro will be able to use other non Olight batteries to run the light and can this

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    Malkoff M61N MD2 MDX22.3 - Like New - WTS

    Thread Starter: WebHobbit

    I have a nice Malkoff MD2 flashlight for sale. This is the M61N with the standard round tail cap and the MDX22.3 head. This was used VERY LITTLE and is

    Last Post By: WebHobbit Today, 08:07 PM Go to last post

    Too-Bright Headlights & Fog-Lamp Questions

    Thread Starter: jayflash

    With the advent of so many SUVs and pickup trucks, nowadays, the higher placement of headlights puts them right in the eyes of (lowly?) sedan drivers.

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    Parts and lights

    Thread Starter: Rstype

    RA Clicky picked up on the forums. It has an extremely strong pocket clip. Rated at 140 lumen. This one also used but in good condition.

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    Been dusting off the 'ol shelf queens

    Thread Starter: Bimmerboy

    I'm having some much needed fun with lights again these days, and after many years of a bunch of lights sitting unused in a 3 level display case, I've

    Last Post By: LED Monkey Today, 10:16 PM Go to last post

    Japanese Eneloops

    Thread Starter: Jash

    Anyone know where I can get Japanese Eneloops? Australia has only been importing the Chinese Eneloops for a few years now and I donít want Chinese Eneloops.

    Last Post By: Jash Today, 09:37 PM Go to last post

    Fenix PD 35 v 2.0 battery

    Thread Starter: Stefano

    I wanted to ask owners of Fenix PD35 v2.0 if flat (unprotected) batteries are good for this light.
    I have PD35 TAC and no problems with it but I

    Last Post By: Stefano Today, 06:07 PM Go to last post
    Walter often

    Led lenser head torch

    Thread Starter: Walter often

    I have a led lenser seo3 head torch. All of a sudden it stopped working. The batteries are brand new Duracell. When I push the power button I get either

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    Phasing Out Alkalines

    Thread Starter: jayflash

    Hope this topic hasn't been exhausted ... I did search first. (The absent beating-a-dead-horse icon would've saved me three words. Too insensitive nowadays?)

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    Surefire M6LT - small modification

    Thread Starter: desert.snake

    My friend bought an M6LT and modified the diode, itís easy - you need to heat it with a building hair dryer and use a vise + wrench

    Last Post By: lightfooted Today, 05:07 PM Go to last post

    2- 18500s work in ML25LT 2C Maglite?

    Thread Starter: RCRVRP

    I am told 18500s are the same length as a C battery. Can I then use 2 18500s in my LED Maglite? I would make a spacer to compensate for the smaller diameter

    Last Post By: INFRNL Today, 05:30 PM Go to last post

    Well, here goes nothing. LOL

    Thread Starter: tango229

    G'evening fello CPF members, I pray that this is a correct post. My name's Ken Robinson, I'm a fan of SureFire lights; particularly of the C & E

    Last Post By: Nitroz Today, 03:59 PM Go to last post

    WTB: FW3A Deep Carry Clip

    Thread Starter: LedTed

    WTB: FW3A Deep Carry Clip

    The stock clip on one of my FW3As is starting to bend and will eventually break.

    Iíve been trying

    Last Post By: boo5ted Today, 09:43 PM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: TeaSipper

    I've read that my new light (Acebeam K65) has a dedomed LED. What does that do?

    Last Post By: TeaSipper Today, 08:52 PM Go to last post