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    Re: Streamlight Stinger and TL-2 LED upgrades?

    Not much out there for the TL2 besides an old Lux Pro upgrade that was a disapointment that by all accounts wasn't very durable.
    Check out a Pelican

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    Re: Fireworks

    omg its so so crazy here im guessing 15 people on my street all got the best fireworks its crazy i mean crazy crazy

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    Re: The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    You can put me down for one of these. I work plain clothes and always have a light in my pocket. High, for immediate illumination, then I can turn the

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    Re: The Lounge 2020

    I'm sure. You certainly don't need to feel you should do one. I doubt anyone would have bad feelings if you don't.

    That's cool that you

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    Re: ACEBEAM E10

    i have a red, white, and green in e10. They are such fun lights. Watched star wars on the outdoor movie set up last night and my son and i broke out the

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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    I just about fell asleep reading that long post.... I seriously doubt most people are going to go all out and figure out how to invest in a "better

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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    Here's the funny part - as I mentioned in a previous post, masks are all about making others feel better. So in truth, it doesn't matter what your mask

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    Re: Resetting Keeppower with Bench Power Supply

    If it too no current at 3v, that means nothing. If it takes no current at 4.2V that means either the cell or the protection circuit is bad. Or possibly

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    Re: best tactical under 30 bucks?

    Not a direction to take the discussion on CPF.

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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    should i return my walmart mask?

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    Re: Cordless power tools

    I agree... even a cheap impact is wonderful but you do need a drill on some occasions at least I do as I take apart electronics and also drill holes and

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    Re: ACEBEAM E10

    The E10 arrived last month and I am liking it so far. The three levels seem sensible enough though I suspect this light will mostly see use at the highest

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    Re: there are some Jokes

    A soldier was stationed abroad and received a Dear John letter from his girlfriend back home. It read - Dear Dave, I can no longer continue our relationship.

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    Re: Cordless power tools

    IT depends on how much air you need to move even my underpowered blower is good for dust and some dry leaves and grass but to blow leaves in the fall

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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    Well sure. You canít subtract from the number so it will go up indefinitely into the future unless you eradicate it, like they did polio. That isnít really

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