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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    now im broke as a joke i had to get more mask it took my last farking dime. then i get home read reviews and they suck. id thought they would be regulated

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    Re: The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I owned both, kept the sc600w Hi. They serve a different purpose. The Plus is good for up close, but it's very floody so not ideal for longer distances.

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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    Yes. Public health is tough. If you get it _right_ you look _wrong_.

    That said... every piece of data I see points to over 1M dead in the

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    Re: The Lounge 2020

    I have never bought a light from you that was listed in a sale. Approximately 15 of them were items that I just had to have right away as soon as they

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    Re: Interest in MDX compatible 21700 bodies?

    i am in for sure

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    Re: The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    BUT dedoming can be done only by you or Gene unless you can convince seller to do it for you.
    Leave the dome and 5700K please

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    Re: Coronavirus - II

    You know all those horrific early projections that the media ran with in February/March - one million or more dead, hospitals in triage for months with

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    Re: Fireworks

    They're legal here, I'll watch more than I set off though. Bottle rockets are a tradition here though. Loved them since I was a kid...

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    Re: Fireworks

    im poor i let others buy and shoot them off . my fav fireworks was the jumping jacks made in the 80s them things would just go airbourne in random dirrection

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    Re: Jet Beam Jet-I Pro question

    clean out the insides with alcohol,
    get rid of any excess lubricant (that could be creating a short circuit),
    remove any battery corrosion

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    Chauncey Gardiner

    Re: Cordless power tools

    Thanks, ven. Right back at cha!

    Three more power tools recently added to the tool chest.

    Poor Man's lawn

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    Re: Camping Mattress

    The self inflating mattresses have sort of fallen out of favor even with Thermarest. The Thermarest are the premium models. Nothing worse than a leak

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    Anybody doing fireworks tonight? Illegal but setting off some 500grm multishots. Grandson loves them.

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    Re: The Lounge 2020

    Its hard to do them in this economy since sales arent great for business. At least mines...

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    Parker VH

    Jet Beam Jet-I Pro question

    I have a Jet-I Pro I.B.S. My wife brought it home last weekend from our cabin saying it needed a new battery. I didn't check the old AA alkaline battery

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