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    MT07 illuminated switch questions

    Thread Starter: Thom2022

    Hey guys. been absent for a long time. Recently acquired a myford lathe and have finally gotten round to starting a project 2 years in the pipeline. I've

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    FS: Aleph 1; Foursevens Quark MKIII 2xAA; SF KL1 Head

    Thread Starter: troutpool

    I have the following goodies available today. The first "I'll take it" in this thread gets priority. No overseas shipping this time around.

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    WTB: E1e and E2e Single LED dropin nichia B

    Thread Starter: Nichia!

    Looking for nichia 219B E2e & E1e Single LED dropin

    Please let me know what you have for me..


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    WTB: Oveready Mule Nichia 219B

    Thread Starter: Nichia!

    Hi everyone

    Yes, I want to buy Oveready Mule nichia 219B.

    If you have one for sale let me know please..

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    Imalent DN35 or....

    Thread Starter: anethema

    Hey guys!

    I'm trying to find a gift flashlight for a non-flashaholic friend. She is a mom who is home alone in the country a lot of time,

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    Trying to retirieve passowrd failing.

    Thread Starter: REALOldNick

    I have come in as REALOLdNick, because I cannot retrieve my password for OldNick (Firefox has a stored one which is apparently wrong).


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    New Member - Arkansas

    Thread Starter: spudley112

    Hello all. Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dale and I live in Northwest Arkansas. I am a former Marine (89-95) and retired law

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    Adventure Sport Brass Triple EDC

    Thread Starter: nbp

    Up for sale is an awesome brass triple EDC that Matt spun for me in his shop back in 2017. It takes an IMR 14500, has a Nichia 219b triple at 4000k 90

    Last Post By: nbp Yesterday, 08:56 PM Go to last post

    Snody Ti Disaster Card

    Thread Starter: nbp

    For sale is a Snody titanium Disaster Card. It was carried in a small leather pouch a couple of times but I don't recall ever cutting anything with it,

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    Martini Time...

    Thread Starter: StuGatz

    Yeah... Martini Time. Or as a few friends have referenced, "Salad"...

    Last Post By: StuGatz Yesterday, 08:07 PM Go to last post

    Galvatron M60 vs Malkoff Houndog. How do they compare?

    Thread Starter: RCRVRP

    I have a hound dog and it is a very good flashlight.
    I need another light. I saw an add on the net for a Galvatron M60 at a much lower price than

    Last Post By: RCRVRP Yesterday, 08:07 PM Go to last post

    Blessed by CPF

    Thread Starter: Grijon

    I've been a member since October 2014, so it's kind of fitting that I'd be moved to write this post tonight.

    I just want to thank all the

    Last Post By: bykfixer Today, 10:39 AM Go to last post

    WTB - Malkoff High/Low ring

    Thread Starter: skillet

    Would like to have one for my only Malkoff MD2 host
    High/Low ring

    Please and thank you

    Last Post By: skillet Yesterday, 06:19 PM Go to last post

    Z-bolt alternative

    Thread Starter: Prototype3a

    I'm looking for a high quality blue or green laser pointer for astronomy. I had been recommended a Z-Bolt unit and it was great for the hour or so that

    Last Post By: Prototype3a Yesterday, 05:28 PM Go to last post

    Nitecore/ mechforce

    Thread Starter: oneinthaair

    New nitecore tip2
    720 Lumen
    Carried one day
    Like my Rovyvon A8 better
    $40 TYD

    Titanium black/gold

    Last Post By: oneinthaair Yesterday, 03:57 PM Go to last post