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    Re: Digital caliper

    Mitutoyo is what 90 percent or more of the shops out in PA and NY used, when I visited them to work on their CNC machines. I also used a Mitutoyo calipers

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    You'll find some good info HERE.

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    Hooked on Fenix

    Re: Coronavirus

    This is a serious situation and it's going to take time to recover from. Things are going to be forever different after we recover. The time it will take

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    Re: Pelican 7610

    I just placed a Fenix 3500mAh 18650 and a Streamlight 2600mAh 18650 into my 7610 and they both fit with room to spare.

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    Digital caliper

    What brand of digital calipers do you guys use?

    Looking for something solid and accurate . Won’t be thrown around inside of a toolbox or

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    Re: Coronavirus

    Naturally it can never be everyone at home, I agree with you. But an awful lot is closed in this state. Aside from a grocery store, pharmacy or home repair

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    Re: What watch you're wearing?

    I have one of their GPT-1 dive watches. I think the movement is a Miyota.

    Seems reasonably accurate and durable for an inexpensive mechanical

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    Re: Coronavirus


    Not sure where you’re located, but “everyone safe at home” is most certainly

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    Re: Surefire P6 cutting out.

    I have recently replaced the drop in and yes the batteries are good. I am using rcr123, rechargeable, slightly higher voltage.

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    Re: SureFire Product History Thread

    Very good looking 9P and that fact it's mint is amazing. I also have one but mine is more "loved" lol. It's actually listed in my for sale thread.

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    HDS closing doors after catching case of Corona

    Oh no! My heartfelt hopes go out for a speedy recovery to all! The morning will be hell to pay!

    You got me on that one good! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

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    I totally get the intention, for sure. It’s “easy” to catch up and flatten the curve when most people aren’t interacting with others. But this level of

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    WTB: McGizmo Haiku used but not abused.

    Looking for a previously loved McGizmo Haiku.

    Must be willing to ship to Canada.
    Price should reflect condition and age. (and if it's

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    From Production to Custom Flashlights, & how it happened!

    I've always been a flashlight enthusiast. starting from a standpoint of preparation and extending into multi use tools, as well as general tool collecting

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    Re: Coronavirus

    NBP- All good questions. I am hoping that people start taking this seriously, and go out as little as possible. This, hopefully, lets medical staff work

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