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Thread: Best OBD II scanner under $100

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    Default Best OBD II scanner under $100

    My truck just popped a check engine light, (I've been kind of negelecting it since I got my S2000) and I am looking for a OBD II scanner, there are plenty on ebay for under that but does anyone have a recommendation? brands? models?


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    Default Re: Best OBD II scanner under $100

    I have one of these:
    I got it on a group buy for about $100.
    I have had others, but I like this one best
    Yea, I have a lot of lights.
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    Default Re: Best OBD II scanner under $100

    If you have a laptop, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Car Code interface ( It's a little over $100 depending on the model you get, but it works great.

    You can download the software from the website and check out its functions. It is designed so that it will work on older laptops, I think it can even handle a 386 running Windows 3.11. Of course it works on modern hardware too.

    I like the 'data recorder' mode. Turn that on, go drive a loop (or autocross course) and see what the engine controller was up to during different phases of your drive. It lets you watch individual sensors of your choice, and even has a digital dashboard screen.

    I'm planning on building a car computer system with an in-dash LCD touch screen, so I can have the digital dash running as a normal thing, rather than strapping a laptop to the passenger seat.


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    Default Re: Best OBD II scanner under $100

    I would second the I have one and also have a full blown VAG tool, OBD2 software. The scangauge is simple to use and doubles as gauges, very handy little device. Seems to work on almost all OBD2 vehicles.
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    Default Re: Best OBD II scanner under $100

    I have the Innova 3100 OBD II Reader (by Equus). Reputable brand and recommended as a good little reader on many car forums.

    For a brick and mortar: $99 at Kragen Auto Parts
    Online: you can probably find it a little cheaper

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