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Thread: WTB Cheap modded mag.......

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    Wink2 WTB Cheap modded mag.......

    I need a cheap modded mag with a nice white 3 watt led, it's gonna be a worklight for a friend so it dosent have to be perfect but it needs to be bright and able to run off regular or rechargeable batteries.It dosen't matter really what size the light is but the longer the run time the better..Please PM me or just post here with your info..

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    Default Re: WTB Cheap modded mag.......

    Well, what's cheap?

    I have sold a couple of dozen 3C and 3D Mag mods to friends and co-workers for $60 each. They are all direct driven 3-watt (TWOJ for 3C and TWOK for 3D) with o-sinks and UCLs installed. They are very bright and reliable. The 3C will run for 10+ hours continuous and still be useably bright. The 3D Mag after 24 hours continuous is still brighter than a stock 2D maglight. Both were tested with alkalines but should perform similarly on NiMH rechargeables.

    $65 shipped for either the 3C or 3D Mag mod if you want one.
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    Default Re: WTB Cheap modded mag.......

    Hey, gl22man, have I got a deal for you... oh wait, I think you bought my last Magmod already.

    How about a LEDbeam 3C ? Someone mentioned that an adapter for AA batteries is pretty easy to make and the AA and C cells are roughly the same length.

    One other setup you might try is the Sears Endurable 1 watt 3AAA bulb in a 3C Maglite. It sounds like the bulb holds up on C and D cells. Here is a link to the Craftsman light.

    Craftsman 3AAA Luxeon


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    Default Re: WTB Cheap modded mag.......

    Yeah, it's going to be an awfully beat up Magmod that is going to be cheaper than the LEDBeam. Of course, for best runtime, D cells would be more ideal. You could also buy a Dorcy 3D Super 1W and swap out the star (VERY easy with even crappy soldering skills) and removing and bypassing the resistor. You could do that for about $30 total if you have a soldering iron or know someone that can do like 8 joints for you.
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    Default Re: WTB Cheap modded mag.......

    Contact 3rd_shift and he'll build you a real good one. It won't be real cheap but it won't be expensive and it will work very well.
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