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Thread: Does anybody use Siemens mobile phones?

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    Default Does anybody use Siemens mobile phones?

    I've gone through 4 Siemens mobile phones in the past 4+ years all due to failure of some sort or another. My first was an S25 which had the LCD fail after a little over a year. I replaced this with an S45 which also has the LCD fail in less than 3 years. My girlfriend's SL55 also had its LCD fail in around 2 years. My latest phone, a CX65, suddenly died on Christmas day. The service center diagnosis is that the main board is dead and repairing will literally cost as much as buying a new phone. As luck would have it, the warranty expired a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe a company as big as Siemens makes products that only last as long as the warranty. Like all my belongings, everything is babied so there isn't even a scratch on the screen after using it for a whole year let alone dropped or abused. I'm currently using a borrowed a Sony T68i from a friend. This phone is more than 3 years old and has even been dropped in the toilet once but once it was dried off, it was working again as if nothing happened. It didn't even have to be repaired.

    I decided to write an email to their customer service through their website just to rant because I know there's nothing else that can be done for me here locally since the warranty is already expired. What these people did was forward my email to our local CS? The very reason I complained through the website was to hope that somebody of some authority may notice that they make POS phones. I guess their CS is as bad as their hardware. They didn't even bother to call me to inform me of the damages and cost of repair. They said that they were busy but when you go to their office, everybody seems to be having a hard time staying awake.

    Whatever happens, this is one company I'll never buy anything from ever again. What happened to me is more than what I would call coincidences? It seems their CS is as bad as their products.

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    Default Re: Does anybody use Siemens mobile phones?

    I bought a Siemens M35 several years ago. It survived a few drops and long (mud)baths during 2 years of Army service. I once dropped it on a shooting range during pouring rain without noticing it. I found it the next day in a puddle. Took the battery out and dried it. It's still working fine.
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    Default Re: Does anybody use Siemens mobile phones?

    I use Siemens phones exclusivly. Why? Because they make cheap high-end phones.
    I change phones approx. once a year, and I don't want to pay a fortune for some bleeding edge tech that's gonna fail me in the next year. I want my bleeding edge it for cheap
    I also change so often because the phone is going to die anyways in approx 2 yrs(the real life expectancy of a cellphone)

    I've had all kinds of brands, and I haven't found any one that overall got better built phones than the others. You can find some models that are better built than others, but they are few and rare.(The Nokia 5110 was/is considered to be such a phone)

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    Default Re: Does anybody use Siemens mobile phones?

    I'm still using an ME45. I've gone to the shower with it, dropped it a lot of times(intentional or un-intentional), chewed on by our dog, played with our cat, etc.

    The housing looks like hell, the battery needs to be replaced but everything's still a ok.

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