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Thread: PWM Board Suitable for 1x5mm LED?

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    Default PWM Board Suitable for 1x5mm LED?

    I've been kicking around an idea for a light for a while now.

    I want a light with 1x5mm LED ~495 nm. I need it infinately dimmable from off to full on.

    In the last few weeks I've realized it will require PWM to vary brightness without drifting the color. The Photon Freedom works this way.

    What I actually want is a light very similar to a Photon Freedom in NV Green (~495nm) -- I just need infinate brightness control instead of the Freedom's preset stops and I need a more robust power source than the Freedom's 2xcr-2016 cells. Perhaps 9V -- I'm not sure.

    Any suggestions for a controller board?

    I'm a newb at building lights.
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    Default Re: PWM Board Suitable for 1x5mm LED?

    Konreg maybe, dont know about the PWM but it is a constant-current source that can be adjusted to give between 8 and 40ma to the led

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