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    Default Thanks CPF :)

    I had ordered 2 Protected R123s from AW for my LongBow micra that has a DB 750 in it with a UX1K. My tailcap must have been acting up, because I used the brass spacer and a scissor as contacts to test if the battery was working. I took a Pencil eraser and got to work. I "erased" the large spring, the brass sleeve for the kroll, the small contact spring, and stretched it out too. I erased every exposed contact component of the Micra. After this, my Micra worked. After doing this, I suddenly felt so proud of myself for solving the problem alone, and that I had learned so much here at CPF for the past year and a half. So thank you, CPF, for teaching me how to clean contact areas with pencil erasers and such. It might seem ridiculous for others, but to me, its pretty amazing. Thank you for providing me with the knowledge of contact testing, and contact cleaning, and helping me become independent in my own problems. Without you, I would be sending the R123s all the way back to Hong Kong to AW thinking they were the problem.

    Once again, Thanks


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    I concur with Mags appreciation for what I've learned (and the amazing people I keep meeting) on CPF. als:

    ...become one with the search function...
    ...become one with the CPF archive...

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