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Thread: New ebay scam

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    Default New ebay scam

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new ebay scam doing the rounds.

    Slight variation to the normal scam email asking you to follow a link and logon to ebay.

    This one sends an email from a supposed buyer saying they are trying to send you a paypal payment but it won't go through and asking if there's a problem with your account. the link provided to view the item is fake and takes you to an exact copy of the ebay logon screen, if you do logon through this screen someone somewhere will get your username & password details.

    Never logon to ebay (or Paypal) from an email link, always go to the main URL ( or and logon from there.
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    Default Re: New ebay scam

    Thanks for the heads up X-ray!

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    Default Re: New ebay scam

    yup, there were some days last week where I was getting 1 or more of these every hour. It seems to have died down now. It was fairly obvious in my case since I wasn't selling anything on ebay at the moment...


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    Default Re: New ebay scam

    Wow. . .Interesting thing is, I've never done any transaction with eBay. Don't know how.

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    Default Re: New ebay scam

    Yeah, those are the best..About once a month I get an email from some bank that doesn't even have a branch in my state..
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    Default Re: New ebay scam

    Yup, I used to get stuff like that all the time. For paypal and ebay. Like way back in 98. Before the phishing really had a name. Of course I was suspsicous, even for the ones that looked legit and didn't raise any flags like they had some info wrong or something etc. I would always check out the links and laugh when they were covered up and went to some other site totally different.

    My local bank had several people in the town get scammed by an email that looked like it was from them website and all, and the people got their accounts cleaned out as a result of it.

    I guess I never thought these scams were succesfull because I had a high understanding of the internet/html/suspcious stuff before it became mainstream. I would think "who are they kidding? Who would fall for this?" Now just about every average person has used the internet without really having to know much about computers, and can easily read something and think "ok click" without a second thought.

    I almost wish it was still like back in the day when working on a computer required the knowledge of how to use it (DOS, non P&P OS's, telnet, etc) lol. Simpilar times but yet not simple... haha.

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    Default Re: New ebay scam

    I only got a paypal one once a couple of years ago. I guess not having a paypal or ebay account helps keep the numbers down.
    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacHayes
    "ok click" without a second thought.
    Got an e-mail from a co-worker with the title "i love you". Strange. Decided to ask if she sent me an e-mail. She was on the phone. I waited. The IT guy came charging up the stairs and pulled out the ethernet plug from her computer. Virus!!! By the time I got back to my desk, there were 3 more "i love you"s in my inbox. She later explained she was on the phone, saw an e-mail pop up and automatically clicked on it without thinking.

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