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Thread: LuckyDuck / Bigha – Curve model

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    Default LuckyDuck / Bigha – Curve model

    I was wondering why I don’t read much about LuckyDuck / Bigha lasers? Their Curve model sounds interesting.

    Is there a reason why no one has reviewed or discussed the Curve?



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    It's a leadlight 110 in a nice body with a good battery. Maybe there's nothing else to say?

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    Default Re: LuckyDuck / Bigha – Curve model

    IIRC it runs "regulated" on 1 x CR123 and has continious as well as momentary on ... as well as an output as closely calibrated to 5mW as possible ... which would make it a different beast than a leadlight.
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    that's true, the continuous on, if it's electronically controlled and not simply a different switch type (maglight can be both with their push button), would indicate a different control circuit. the leadlight 110s, however, can be closely calibrated to 5mW as well, and could be run from a cr123.

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    I'm pretty sure they are manufactured by leadlight...just a different design with the continuous on.
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    Popcorn Re: LuckyDuck / Bigha – Curve model

    Quote Originally Posted by LaserFreak
    I'm pretty sure they are manufactured by leadlight...just a different design with the continuous on.
    A Leadlight 110 will give you the same thing with 2 X AAA (including rechargeable) for less money. The "continuous on" feature can be accomplished with a 1/2 inch slip ring available at any hardware store for 10 cents.
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    Default Re: LuckyDuck / Bigha – Curve model

    It's not the same as a Leadlight 110 or 105. Those are calibrated with a turnable potentiometer located just under the button. The Curve is calibrated by a computer, or so I was told by Noah at Bigha/LuckDuck. It does not have a potentiometer inside. I know because a friend of mine thought he could "turn it up" like is done with the 110s and 105s and it just wasn't possible. We thought, well, maybe the pot is on the underside of the board, where we can see it.... so, we tried to pull the guts out through the tail (the wrong way), and....OOPS....broke off the switch. Another unfortunate thing is that Lucky Duck won't fix it (for any price) if any attempt to mod the light has been made. They did tell us that the guts come out the front, though. My friend got the guts out, fixed the switch, put it all back together, but it won't focus. Shucks, I guess I should have sold it when I had the chance. Anyway, they're not the same light, and they may not even be made by Leadlight. Actually, I think, Noah may have said that they are in fact not made by Leadlight, but I can't quite remember, at the moment.

    As far as a review goes...Well, I liked it. It's small and sleek. Regulated. You can leave it on for any length of time. The momentary/stay on switch works great. It's got a handy click-on neck lanyard that I thought was really great. What else? Brightness is ok, 5mw, but next to a brighter laser, like a Leadlight 110 or 105 that's been turned up, it's not as fun.

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    Default Re: LuckyDuck / Bigha – Curve model

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    Trashman, thanks clarifying that this was not a leadlight 110 and thanks much for your review.


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