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Thread: $10 5mw red laser at Target

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    Default $10 5mw red laser at Target

    I just went to Target to check out if they got anything new. Well, that place has sure changed since I was there last. Lots more LEDs; Dorcy, Brinkmann, Inova and river rock were the main ones. I couldn't decide on a new flashlight so I was looking around to see what else they had and I found a 5mw Durabuilt keychain laser for $10. Various colors too I don't know a thing about lasers but I think its pretty cool. I have an infrared temp sensor with a 1mw laser pointer on it and this one is quite a bit brighter. Haven't tried it out at night yet though.
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    Default Re: $10 5mw red laser at Target

    he he, I did a google for a red laser pointer a while back and found this place. Look at what it did to me.......( see sig )
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    Default Re: $10 5mw red laser at Target

    Here is a great little combo LED/Laser keychain, at a great price.
    I just got one in the mail today. It is quite well made.
    Just now found out I put in the wrong link. Will put in the correct one later when/if I find it.

    Here are some that are a little on the cheap side (construction wise), but they are still bright (as far as red keychain laser pointers go).
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