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Thread: Reflector Questions for Bike Light

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    Default Reflector Questions for Bike Light

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for posting all your knowledge up here on the boards

    I thought I'd share some experiences since emarking on the mission to design and build my own LED bike lights and also ask a couple of questions

    After reading a heap of stuff on various forums I came across a the Australian distributer for Cree LED's (Cutter electronics) and seeing I'm in Oz I thought I try using them

    The specs looked great so I ordered a few to try as well as some optics

    Well at first I was impressed as they are definatly bright to look at but after housing them and testing them out in the bush I was left wanting more light

    I spent hours going over all the specs and started planning quad housings and even thinking I might need 2 of them

    But before ditching my neat little single housings I thought I'd try some IMS reflectors

    So I order a 20.5 and a 27 from the sandwich shoppe and I thought I'd grab a Tbin Lux III just to try

    Well the 27mm wouldnt fit the cree so I made the hole a little bigger so it would fit and upon testing it was a failure no goog at all

    So I tested the Luxx III with the 20mm reflector and "WOW" I was impressed

    Went Riding with it and 1 of the crees and I was thinking maybe I could get by with 2 of these

    So I am waiting for another to arrive to see if I'm happy with 2 of them on the bars but I am now wondering about reflector options

    I cant seem to find the angles for the IMS reflectors

    Am i correct in thinking the 27mm is the tightest spot with the 17mm being the flood and the 20.5 is in the middle?

    Thanks for your help


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    Default Re: Reflector Questions for Bike Light

    but won't an oval beam optic make the overall beam nicer and better for riding?
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