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Thread: Cheap laser from gun, make it powerful?

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    Default Cheap laser from gun, make it powerful?

    I just got this laser off ebay thinking it would fit my gun, it doesnt. I was thinking if it didnt then I would mod it to be more powerful. I took it apart and the only thing I can see(as far as a resistor, pot, or anything else like that), is one resistor with the code 620. I have some good quality pics of the circuit board if you need them. There could be more things that I am not seeing because its 2 boards layerd but they are flush and I dont think there is anything between them. Is there a mod I can do so it is more powerful? Its wavelength is between 6??(the numbers rubbed off) and 680, and its 1mw.

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    Default Re: Cheap laser from gun, make it powerful?

    being a red laser, I don't think you could get more power than you already have. Red laser diodes are sensitive and delicate things, you could probably replace the resistor with a lower valued one, but you might as well end up with a dead pointer.

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    Oh, so only the green lasers and be made stonger? I will try to replace the resistor to the next step down. Its a crap laser anyway(Its not accurate). I turned the piece of crap on and rolled it across my table(which is level) and the laser made loops on my wall. I am sure that people on this site know about this, but check out the lasers that burn stuff(for sale)

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