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Thread: LeadLight 110 APC Accidental Mod

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    Lol, nope, not kidding, one day the laser just got brighter, I'm always doing the pot mod on it because i keep thinking i may have knocked it and got maybe 1mW less output than it should, so i keep turning the mod, anyway, last week, the green light came on (the LED) but no green laser output....

    I thought i blew it by messing with it too much, so i shaked it and it came back on, so i was happy again...

    a few moments later, back off, back on, back off

    So i took it appart, and, Guess what, the little Red cable had snapped off and it was just loose inside, it was just moving about as i shaked it...

    But why was the laser still coming on? well, it snapped off and the biggest metal part on the board is the Pot, it was actually caught under the pot, Since i could not find where it actually came from (i did not want to blow it by hooking up wrong) i simply glued it to the pot, lol, yes the pot no longer moves but what do i care, looking at the circuit board i'm passing at least 1 or 2 resistors, It's brighter than just the mod alone which leaves me to believe it's at or very close to 20mW if not more of brightness now...

    It's essentially the same as shorting the pot with your screwdriver along with a bypass of a resistor, and since i've glued it, it's looking very nice now, all by acident...

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    note that if you don't do the Q2 mod as stated in the 110 mod thread, the brightness will fade quickly as the batteries weaken. I would suggest all who want to mod their 110's to that thread instead of trying this until we get better analysis.

    tobject, what is the current draw from the batteries now?

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    The only problem is, that you might be passing to much current to the diode now. You don't want to kill it.

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    there's not enough current to burn black tape, infact, next to no heat output at all and i know these lasers can with a couple of modifications...

    it's just brighter, it looks around 20mW not much more of light output, and i've been using it now for a couple of days like this, seems perfectly fine so far..

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