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Thread: WTB Aleph parts...

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    Hahaha WTB Aleph parts...

    Updated, thanks Bogus1 want to buy a couple of Aleph parts (yea, me and everybody else), if anybody's got these lying around, I'm Looking for:
    1-Tranquility Base 3x123 E-series powerpack
    1-Aleph COMPLETE 2 stage tail cap HA Natural (open to any type, totally flex on 2 stage settings)

    PM or email me. Thanks
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    The Aleph didn't come with 3x123. The Mclux before Aleph did, otherwise you have 'aftermarket' makers such as Balrog, DSpeck (UBH + UBHII) and then TranquilityBase as your best options. TB is the only one currently producing.

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