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Thread: Eneloop & Enduro LSD Duration Testing

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    Default Eneloop & Enduro LSD Duration Testing (60 days update)

    === Testing Details ===
    1. Cells repeatedly formed @ 200mA for 16 hr to determine "max" capacity.
    2. Charging method:
    - LaCrosse 200mA pre-charge (allow minimal resting time difference)
    - Triton final-charge with 5mV dT (assure the same end charge condition)
    3. Standard storage at room temperature (Bay Area/CA) 65-80F (18.3-26.7C).
    4. Frozen storage at refrigerated temperature 10F (-12.2C).
    5. Frozen cells are thawed for 8-10 hrs prior to testing.
    6. Discharge rate of 1.0 A
    7. CBAII Details:
    - Software version
    - 0.019V offset
    - (-)8mA offset
    - Temperature
    - Powerpole to Battery Test Clamp

    === Interpretation ===
    Vavg - voltage average - higher value result in brighter output in the same "unregulated" light.
    Delta Vavg - how much Vavg change over storage time.
    Vsd - voltage standard deviation - larger value result in more constant output.
    Delta Vsd - how much Vsd change over storage time.
    Current Capacity - how much capacity you'll really get @ 1A discharge.
    Delta CC - how much CC change over storage time.
    Power Capacity - how much power capacity you'll really get @ 1A discharge.
    Delta PC - how much PC change over storage time.
    Runtime - how long you'll get the constant 1A discharge.
    Delta RT - how much RT change over storage time.

    === FAQ ===
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