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    I just got a heat sink pad to experiment with. It's about the same thickness as a sheet of heavy paper.

    DigiKey part no. BER137-ND, Heat Sink pad, 2.5" x 2", $0.65, page 347

    Anyone have any comments about how well it would work under an LS/O up against an aluminum plate?

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    I used heat sink pads at my old job. We used them under transistors. A word of advice is to inspect the pad for holes that might cause the LS/O to short to te aluminum. I have not toy'd with the LS/O, but the ones I have seen are on a small PCB. If the leads are not trimmed well on the PCB, they could go through the heat sink pad and short the LS/O. But other than that small problem, they served their purpose quite well, both as an insulator and a heat sink pad. Also, much cleaner than heat sink compound, but I don't think the thermal properties are as good as most high quality compounds.

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