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Thread: Opinions on Coast Tac Torch

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    Well as I was listening to the woman tell me how mental I am about flashlights for the 100th time, I came across this website and it's good to know I'm not the only person with an OCD for flashlights, this site is great! I have several led flashlights from a company called Coast. The two I use the most are the v2 Triplex and the v2 6 chip. Anybody have any opinions on whether these are decent lights? I have been pretty happy with them so far.

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    A Coast V2 (1.25W, 3AAA) is what got me started and I still carry one at work. The collimated beam is just about perfect for my uses. But it's got no regulation so the battery life is poor. But for my use, mostly momentary or short duration flashing, it lasts fine. But you'll find that there a lot of lights more suited for particular uses, but the Coast lights are OK. Not particulary great in any area, but still a decent value and good performers within their limitations.

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