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Thread: When Will We See K2 Lights?

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    Default When Will We See K2 Lights?

    Does anyone have any information as to when we will see the new K2 leds in lights made by the major manufacturers?

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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?

    The Diamond K2 maglite bulb replacement is available now. It doesn't look like anything special though. But yes, I agree that it's taking a long time. I don't see what the long delay is about. After all, you wouldn't expect to see intel releasing a new processor a year after it has been announced.

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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyboy
    ...After all, you wouldn't expect to see intel releasing a new processor a year after it has been announced.


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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?

    It may have something to do with tweeking the geometry of optics and reflectors for use with the entirely different form factor of the K2. The performance gains of the K2 may only be realized by collimators and reflectors that work within the K2's form factor. If you look at how much variety in optics and reflectors is available for the Lux III and compare that with what may be had for the K2 you can see that many types of lights just can't be built at this time using the K2.

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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?

    Nope, not that either.

    There are multiple options already available that work great with it, and several lights from big enthusiast type companies that are awaiting shipments.

    The problem is not that the designers can't design lights or that optics aren't available, there have been protos with final specs out for WAY more than a year.

    The problem is at Lumileds, they have promised and not yet delivered, setting date after date after date and not meeting the deadline.

    In their defense, the pre-production samples didn't meet the design goals, so they may be tweaking the process some.

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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?

    Could this be the source of the delay in the HDS U85? (or maybe it will be the U120!)

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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?

    This is mere speculation, but could it also be that given the glut of existing luxeon based products, many manufacturers and distributors are holding back in order to milk their existing products for as long as possible? Remember, the concept of a luxeon is still something out of the future for your average joe non-flashaholic (you mean, it doesn't burn out?).

    That said, I expect that we will start to see fly-by-night Chinese companies like Fenix debut K2 based products before any of the slower-moving American companies come out with anything worth while.

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    Default Re: When Will We See K2 Lights?


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    K2 release has been slow and supply is still short from what I have been told. I would guess that part of the hold up is that shipments have just recently begun. If a major manufacturer is using the smd method of mounting the K2 then they will be using a new package that may or may not have been waiting for LED's.

    Now in terms of performance of the K2. :yawn:

    I have a reel of these and wouldn't consider trying to pawn them off in my upcoming builds. I would be happy to sub a K2 for the LuxIII's I will be using but I couldn't claim any advantage to be had. A big light that can handle excesive heat and where efficiency is not important might put out more flux with a K2 driven at max but then a 5W Luxeon would probably put out more for less if it were a good bin.

    To move forward sometimes you have to step back. I see the K2 as a step back in its current capacity and abilities.

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    I can illuminate (somewhat) the side of a neighbor's house that is across the road (and I mean with a another house/yard and street plus said house's yard between us) with a 3 watt. I'm not sure I even need a K2.

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