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Thread: Tesco 1 Watt LED

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    Default Tesco 1 Watt LED

    I saw in Tescos last night that they have started selling 1 watt led torches. For our US friends, Tesco is the largest chain of supermarkets in England. Not particularly cheap at twenty pounds but I think it's the first time in England that 1 watt LED's are readily available to the masses. You had to go looking for them before in a specialist shop such as a 'serious' camping store.

    I can't tell what they were like because they had sold out and only had the empty display box on the shelf. "1 watt aluminium torch" printed on the side. It's part of their 'Best' range.

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    Saw them too. The lights we see in the UK are generally already known elsewhere and are rebadged versions. i.e. Field and Trek selling Nuwai=Ring=Cybalite, Komaes=Dorcy. As soon as we know what they are we should spread the news and reviews. As well as the 1W lux there was a 10 led 2D and 2 keychains.


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