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Thread: Don...your E2 clickie....

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    Default Don...your E2 clickie....

    Will a kroll switch drop into an E2, or does it need machining? Could you enlighten me on this mod?


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    Default Re: Don...your E2 clickie....

    To see his excellent photos and description click here.

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    Default Re: Don...your E2 clickie....

    McGeoffie, :-)

    MarcV handled that one, thanks Marc.

    I have done quite a few of these now and they all have not failed me yet. I would love to see the manufacturer of the switch inprove the side spring contact but other than that, the switch is simple, cheap and does the job. You have to take small cuts on the plastic or the Kroll likes to launch itself out of the lathe! (I still have a scab on my forhead; didn't bother taking the pigtail spring off the switch)

    This is a simple mod but time consuming. I'm sure PK will eventually introduce a real clickie for the Ex series but in the mean time, this is a viable alternative, IMHO.

    Since the switch consists of a few molded parts, I'm afraid we couldn't approach the manufacturer for a group by on a switch catered specifically for the Ex.

    You guys with lathes should try this mod! I chuck the threaded end first since the threads will be removed anyway. After turning down the gussets that reside under the rubber boot, you have a nice cylinder to chuck up for careful removal of the threads and a final shoulder reduction.

    - Don

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