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Thread: 4th of July safety

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    Default 4th of July safety

    I know we've got some professional pyrotechnicians here as well as a lot of individuals who plan to shoot off fireworks this holiday... please be careful.
    Have a safe and happy Independence Day.

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    Default Re: 4th of July safety

    Things do go wrong with even the professional shows every so often, but people are rarely seriously hurt. Thats a real disaster and I hope the woman mentioned in the article is OK!

    As far as us amateurs... I blew up fireworks with my dad every 4th from the time I was about 6 years old and we never so much as singed a finger. The reason was that we took our time, did one thing at a time, and weren't afraid to light the fuse and RUN like heck indeed that was part of the fun!

    My dad and I had a healthy respect for these exploding things. A respect that I noticed as a teenager most of my friends did not share. I spent a few 4th's at friends houses, and even the ones I considered smart did some truly amazingly stupid things. Lighting stuff over the table of other goodies, lighting things in their hands, planning to set them down after the fuse was lit, just general goofing around that my father never would have tolerated while holding things that were throwing off sparks.

    If you want to rely on your good luck then by all means have that third beer before you break out the fireworks and goof around. If you want to be sure that you're not injured, wait to drink till after you're done (if you were planning to anyway) and THINK before you light that match. It might not be as cool to stretch out from the side to light that fuse as if the thing were really dangerous, but it's not cool to spend the evening getting measured for skin grafts either.

    So dont be STUPID CPFers and you'll be OK.


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    Default Re: 4th of July safety

    One of my good friends has a brother who has a part time job in Texas doing pyrotechnics. Somewhere I have a video clip of a premature "chrysanthemum" (a burst like a really, really big flower)detonation -- maybe all of 50' off the ground. And that is somewhat less than the diameter of the burst. oops!

    Also, there recently was a replay of the video of the aftermath of a somewhat less than genius level IQ who decided to light an approx. 4" shell (professional firework) and toss it out the car window. Someone forgot to tell the Einstein that not all fuses burn at the same rate, even the ones that are over a foot long. Blew out the windows in the car and burned the interior pretty well. Also provided some second and third degree burns and blast damage from the feet on up to (and including) the crotch. oops!

    My now ex-brother in law was also a brilliant guy when he was a teenager. He tried to get a phone number of a girlfriend of my sister by threatening her with a lit firecracker. She gave him the number. He then held onto the firecracker as he tried to blow out the fuse... and failed. oops!

    I love fireworks. I have a healthy respect for Darwin, too.

    Happy 4th!
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