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Thread: Fun things that do not belong in microwave ovens.

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    Rolleye11 Fun things that do not belong in microwave ovens.

    Hi I was wondering what types of things people have put in microwave ovens which do not normaly belong there but were fun and spectacular? O and please no mention of any type of living organisms.

    I ask because I found a large range hood microwave oven on the side of the freeway a while back. I drove by it every day for a week befor deciding to pull over and see what it was. Suprisingly it was in great condition ad workes great. I have been having some very mischevious fun with it ever sence.

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    Default Re: Fun things that do not belong in microwave ovens.

    Title says it all - "things that do not belong in microwave ovens"...

    Safety issues?

    Thread closed - common sense goes a very long way around these halls - "little" common sense does not!

    Thread closed!

    (Now if we were merely talking about those little marshmallow peeps & bunnies that are sold around Easter time - those are pretty cool, but again - as the title states between the lines.)
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