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Thread: Retractor Redux Spring loaded flashlight holder.

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    Question Retractor Redux Spring loaded flashlight holder.

    I am trying to find the right retractor , and its not as easy as i would have thought.
    I have a 2oz light that i want to be teathered on a retractable leash, it has a place to stay, i just don't want to lose it while i am using it.

    is 9oz retraction enough for that?
    is 2 feet usefull enough when its clipped to your belt area?

    What is the Smallest lightest that i can get with the least ammount of contraptions on it, and the least size of the retractor? but still with a quick dicsconnect for the light part?

    do they make small light one with Stainless steel wire , or are the small ones with fishing line instead?

    its for backpacking, and i probably need 2 , one light one for the light, and a strong one for a camera.
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