This story is why I rate my Arc AAA LE so highly and why it never leaves my pocket when I am out of the house no matter what other flashlights I am carrying.

I went looking for it tonight and couldn't find it in any of the usual places I keep it so I asked my wife if she had seen it.

She told me it had been through the washing machine on a long cycle then survived 90 minutes in the dryer on a hot cycle. Now, I am not sure exactly how hot it gets in the dryer but put it this way, the cover of the energizer lithium battery had withered in the heat leaving the battery partially exposed.

I turned on the Arc and it was as bright as ever. The only change was it is now nice and clean instead of being a bit dusty.

What a super reliable light. Reliability is my no.1 criteria in a flashlight and the Arc scores 10/10.