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Thread: MX 7W LED Tactical Light

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    Default MX 7W LED Tactical Light

    Was browsing an airsoft site, Boom Arms, and I ran into this.

    (4th from the bottom of page below)

    $32 for a 7W LED? Anybody know if it's a knockoff of a good light or anything like that?

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    Default Re: MX 7W LED Tactical Light

    I could be wrong but as far as i know there isnt a 7Watt LED yet.

    I think the highest at the moment is 5W or 5.2W

    I would be careful about purchasing one. Its cheap enough though.
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    Default Re: MX 7W LED Tactical Light

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    Default Re: MX 7W LED Tactical Light

    There have been several threads about the Golston 7 watt actually being a nice light. I ordered the 8 watt from fifthunit just to see how their service was and check out the light. For 22.50 if it's junk I'm not out much... heck the body alone probably is worth the price for modding.

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