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Thread: wanted: metal handlebar mount for lights

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    Default wanted: metal handlebar mount for lights

    I don't know if this is right place to put this or not so Admins/Moderators please move it to appropriate place if needed.

    I have been using a few two fish flashlight mounts on my bike with an L4 and a HD45. the problem is that they wobble and slip due to the stress put on the velcro retension method.

    most high end lights come with handle bar clamps that mounts the proprietary lights of the same manufactuer. So I was look for someone who can machine something like that for a 1inch ish diameter light, and we can use rubber inserts to fine tune how tight we want it.

    Heck just imagine a plastic lock mount on a bike, with a perpendicular set up for the two mounts.

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    Default Re: wanted: metal handlebar mount for lights

    Dae sells something like that HERE
    and another model HERE

    Or you could probably adapt a mount off a cheap bicycle reflector from Walmart for a couple of bucks.

    Or with minimal workshop skills, put together two metal screw clamps (for automotive hose clamping purposes) of the appropriate size.... Pad them on the inside with some kind of rubber or plastic or tape to keep them from marring the finish on your bars if that is a consideration.

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    Default Re: wanted: metal handlebar mount for lights

    Most of those are still hard to keep from moving around. I think it is best for stability to mount the light below the handlebar (forces on mount are better), but then it is usually in the way of your knees when you turn.
    Also, make sure you mount the light at the balance point (center of gravity) so you lower the forces put in the mount from going over bumps.
    Mounting the light closer to the bar is better as well.
    The ideal self made handlebar mount is along the stem so you can mount it in two places for much more stability. But then it is a little harder to rig it to get the right angle up-down.

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    Default Re: wanted: metal handlebar mount for lights

    There are 2 versions of the 2fish lockblock. The rubber is the same, but the velco is cosumer grade vs industrial grade. I have both and there is a big difference. With the latter, I can mount a magcharger to the handlebar with no problem due to slipping.
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