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Thread: My first official "Vintage" upgrade....

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    Default My first official "Vintage" upgrade....

    I stopped off at a small local flea market on Saturday, just to look around, ended up purchasing a Red Star bread machine ($10, makes incredibly good bread in about 2.5 hours), an old yellow Eveready lantern (.50˘) and an old Black and Decker SpotLiter rechargable flashlight ($2)

    I intended on upgrading at least *one* of these classics to the LED era, so i grabbed my spare Sears 1 watt Luxeon PR bulb (from the Endurable 3AA light) and dropped it in the Eveready lantern.....

    no luck, apparently lanterns have their polarities reversed, incan bulbs don't seem to care, but LED's do, so i grabbed a spare 3D Mag Krypton bulb and popped it in, it worked, a tad yellow for my tastes, especially considering the bulb was being slightly overdriven by the 6V lantern battery....

    i then grabbed the SpotLiter, put it on the charging base for about 10 minutes to get a basic charge into the NiCad battery, then fired it up, it weakly illuminated the filament an insipid orange, so i powered it off, and popped open the head and swapped the PR bulb for the LED, powered it back up, it was still dim, but the LED put out much more usable light, even with almost no charge in the battery, it still put out a semi-usable beam, sure says a lot about the efficiency of LED lighting

    while i was charging up the Spotliter, i grabbed it's bulb and popped it in the lantern....

    and Instaflashed it, oops, i guess a 2.4V bulb *really* doesn't like 6 volts.... D'OH!

    Hmm, if the SpotLiter battery is only pushing out 2.4V max, maybe the Sears Endurable bulb (designed to run on 4.5V) may not be the best bet for the SpotLiter, it'll be underdriven for sure, maybe i should pop a Mag Instrument 2 D cell bulb in it, it'll be more efficient, expecting 3V but getting 2.4....

    should be fun bringing these classics into the LED age, all i need to get the Eveready into the LED age is a reverse-polarity LED, maybe one of those Diamond LED units?

    Pics and beamshots once everything's charged up and ready to go

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    Default Re: My first official "Vintage" upgrade....

    What about a SMJLED Flange Based PR Bulb I'm sure you will find it would run fine on 2.4 Volts.
    You can find them here

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