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Thread: HID kits for unbored mag bodies?

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    Default HID kits for unbored mag bodies?

    I recently picked up a stock 4D mag host for modding and wondered if there were any HID kits that will fit unbored. The brighter the better, of course.

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    Default Re: HID kits for unbored mag bodies?

    There is only one HID ballast thats even close to fitting into a unbored M@G. The Solar Arc 10 watt, and even that is to wide. You'll need to bore the M@G it slightly to fit. Also, This mod is not for amateurs.
    There really isn't HID ballast for m@gs. Try another host for hid or stick with hot wire or LED for m@g

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    Default Re: HID kits for unbored mag bodies?


    you can use the Brightstar BA10WR ballast with the 10W HID bulb BU10WH3 from Brightstar (or the BU10W12 when you have no reflector that will fit) Please take a look at this site

    I have got a Mag 4D with that parts, here a beamshot and some pictures


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