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Thread: What do ya think?

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    Default What do ya think?

    This was a quick piece of advice on another forum for someone who was a flashlight rookie.

    The basic rules of thumb for flashlights. JMHO

    1. First basic light should be a well built AA powered light. Princeton Tec Surge is a great one. You use AA in GPS, GMRS radios, handheld CB radios, AM/FM radios etc.. Also, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a AA battery. Pick any 3 or 4 houses on your block and in a half an hour you could scavenge at least 10 or 12 AA batteries, try that with CR123A lithiums.

    2. A rechargeable small LED for EDC and use around the house. I carry a Fenix L2P

    3. Rechargeable large for bang in the night noises in the backyard, I use a MagCharger with a Welch Allen 1160 bulb, 500+ guilt free lumens.

    4. Backup small but more powerfull CR123A powered light for room clearing tactical carry with pistol, I have a Surefire G2 Nitrolon and Streamlight TL-3.

    5. A larger spot. GOOGLE Thor 10 million candle power, one of the ultimate flashoholic lights.

    What do ya'll think?

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    Default Re: What do ya think?

    I pretty much agree... but would say that any well rounded started collection should have a LED light that is "large" form factor that runs on a few big cells.. for LONG runtime in power outage situations... Like a Dorcy 3D 1W, or a Lightwave 4000.

    There are many flashlights in each of those categories that would work nicely for a beginers well rounded collection.

    I agree that everyone should own a thor. Just for the value... It may not be a very practical light, but it's great for impressing people, kids have a blast with em, and there isn't much that can break or go wrong with one that isn't user servicable. The fun factor alone is worth it.

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    Default Re: What do ya think?

    You know I thought of that after the fact, I have the Tri-Star Phazer for that arena.

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