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Thread: My good deed for the day....

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    Default My good deed for the day....

    I was in Home Depot this afternoon, searching for more rare color Mag 2-Cs (no luck, black and silver only, no purple or blue), as i approached the flashlight section, i saw two elderly women discussing amongst themselves what flashlight would be better for emergencies and power outages....

    (we're getting the remnants of Tropical Storm Ernesto up here in New England, some mild gusty winds with occasional larger gusts)

    they were looking at the cheapo Eveready and Husky 2-D lights, remarking that they were "too big and bulky", they started looking at the cheap Husky AA "focusing" incans....

    one of them picked up the MagLED module, thinking it was a special battery for small lights, the other corrected her that it was some form of light bulb....

    they went back to the AA incans...

    I spoke up

    "you know, if you're looking for a good, solid, lightweight light for emergencies and power outages, i'd get one of those 2 C-cell maglites and that MagLED module, you'd get a nice, durable light that would be comfortable to hold and will run for a long time"

    they picked up a 2-C Mag, looked it over, and decided to pick it up, they grabbed a MagLED module....

    "but it already has a light bulb"
    yes, but that light bulb doesn't run as long and can burn out if dropped, that LED bulb burns a lot longer and has no delicate filament to break, it's also a *lot* brighter than the bulb that's already in the flashlight, remove that bulb and put the LED in and you'll see a dramatic increase in light and runtime....

    "What type of batteries does this take, it feels like there's already batteries in it, it's heavier than the other lights"

    those other lights are plastic, so they'll be lighter, the Mag is more durable and shouldn't break if you drop it, you need 2 C-cells to power it, here's another advantage of a C-cell light, when a storm or disaster hits, what are the first batteries to sell out in the stores?

    "D-cells and AA's"

    right, that light uses "C's" C-cells are not as popular as D's, so there'll be a better chance of finding C-cells for sale after a storm blows through

    "thanks for your help, you've been really helpful"

    not a problem, glad to help

    as i walked away i overheard them discussing the light, one of them was complaining about the expense, the other remarked "Oh just go ahead and buy it, you're worth it, this one looks like it'll last"

    as i left the store, i saw the same two women at the register, amongst their other purchases was a black Mag 2C, a MagLED, and a 4 pack of Duracell C-cells..... they waved as i left the store and i smiled and waved back....

    they may not end up as Flashaholics, but at least they have a reliable mainstream light that won't let them down, then again, you can never tell, they may be amazed by the performance of the MagLED 2C, and do some research online, and it just might lead them here to CPF....

    either way, they have a good, basic light that they can rely on now

    it feels good to help the Unenlightened...

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    Good for you! Anyone can help an elderly lady cross a street but when it comes to flashlight selection only a CPFer can shed some light on the subject. (Couldn't resist)
    I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    Well done.

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    Good for you. Nothing worse than one of those cheapie lights. The only other thing I would have done is offer to change the bulb and put the batteries in for them.

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    I had a similar conversation at Sears when I picked up my Dorcy 3W lantern. I was there with a friend, and was babbling on about all the lights they had. "Oh, these Craftsman Endurables are good, but I didn't know they had a 3D version. These are cool because the Luxeons are PR base. It's too bad they don't have the 4D MagLED, but I was already planning to go to Home Depot after Sears..." and so on. There was a guy there with his young son, and they were looking over the lights. When they heard my rambling, they asked me if I was into flashlights. That was all I needed, and I started talking about the lights available at Sears, as well as the ones on my belt. The father had a very entertaining reaction to the cost of the Gladius.

    Another of my friends showed up, and the three of us were talking, so I didn't notice whether the father even bought anything. Oh well.

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    Awesome job MacTech! You made us Flashaholics proud.
    *PK etched SureFire Kroma Milspec (K2-RD/BL/IR/YG), *SureFire LumaMax L4 (McE2S 22 ohm Trim Tailcap), *SureFire Executive E2e, *MagLite Magcharger (quantity two), *3D MagLite Incandescent (color Black, quantity 2), *2D MagLite Incandescent (color Black), *2AA Mini MagLite LED (color Black), *2AA Mini MagLite Incandescent (color Black, quantity 3) and *Princeton Tec EOS (color Black)

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    Nice job MacTech! That woman nis going to have a good, reliable light when it counts thanks to your effort.

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    Default Re: My good deed for the day....

    Good show MacTech! Many people appreciate a nice light if handed one but most don't know the first thing about picking one out ... or heaven forbid, modifying one ... even simple, drop-in mods.

    I've done the same thing in the oil section of some discount stores. Haven't been able to really help out a fellow citizen in the flashlight isle ... yet.
    --- Bror Jace

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