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Thread: Moved into my new house

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    Default Moved into my new house

    Closed Monday 9-11-06

    Now a city dweller but I kept the hovel in the woods as a: it's owned free and clear and b: it is in too bad of shape to sell and the community can't sell homes due to water and septic issues. It will be the summer hideout as it is on a fishing lake.

    Only things in the house currently are my modded Stick-Up-bulb, two bright mags (Mag85 and a similar 12 volt mini flood Mag) plus a modded rechargeable Dorcy/Sears lantern. And a bed. One gots to know his pioritees.

    Full basement that had one room formerly used as a ham radio shack so I will have lots of power and table space to do some nefarious electronic fiddling properly. Plus quite a few new in box vacuum tubes of various types. Anyone need tubes? Or remember tubes?
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    Default Re: Moved into my new house

    Wow, sounds great. Any ghosts?

    We had no water or septic for a while too, but an rv toilet and a 5 gallon bottled water machine anda few extra bottles gave us water. Showing and washing was a bit unusual. Had to use a bucket of water boiled in the kitchen.

    During the extended power outage a few years ago when gaston and isabel hit Richmond, many with wells had no water. Quick thinking contractors would sell pressured water to customers. They have a large tank and water pump they hooked to an outside spicket and it pressurized the whole house.

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