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Thread: FS: Ti Exolion---SOLD

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    Default FS: Ti Exolion---SOLD

    Full Titanium body
    Brass "Can" for better heat transference
    McGizmo's McR-16 reflector for that perfect beam
    Premium TXOH emitter
    Three stage light (Low, High, Burst), with user adjustable High level
    Full O-Ring protection
    Green Tritium vial in the tail
    Dimensions: 50mm x 18.9mm
    Serial 52/100

    The light comes stock with the original sandwich, velvet bag but no battery.
    Looks like new.
    I really love this light but I am more of a Stainless steel man. I need some cash to pay my SS Exolion. So this one is for you Titanium lovers.

    $285 Paypal only. Include shipping to Canada and US with tracking.
    Internationnal at cost.
    As usual: "First I'll take it ..."

    Thanks for looking.
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    Default Re: FS: Ti Exolion

    I'll Take it !

    PM send.


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    Default Re: FS: Ti Exolion

    Great Catch on a terrific light ;-)
    titanium exolion 001 of 100: click here

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