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Thread: FS Mag 2C mod (TWAK, VIP driver) (TRADED)

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    Default FS Mag 2C mod (TWAK, VIP driver) (TRADED)


    I have a black mag 2C modded to host a lux III TWAK. I used Hotlips C sized heatsink, glass lens (sold by 47), and VIP driver with max current set at 1 amp.

    I added a potentiometer to the side of the flashlight so you can adjust the current from 1 mA (i think, the luxeon barely glow) to 1 amp.

    I also added a beacon light right on top of the switch, so you can find it in the dark easily. The beacon is direct driven from the supply batteries, so you will get brighter beacon if you use alkaline and a dimmer beacon (still very visible) if you use NiMH.
    Due to the nature of the VIP driver (boost converter), this baby can only be run from Nimh and alkaline, 2 cells (or one) configuration.
    Also, I added blue (with a slight green) glowpowder ring on the heatsink surrounding the emitters.

    Asking $75 shipped. usual rules apply, pm for offers.

    Willing to trade for Aleph/mclux/sf E series parts.

    thanks for looking

    edit: A couple pics:

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    Default Re: FS Mag 2C mod (TWAK, VIP driver)

    PM with a question sent.

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