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Thread: Has there been a change in the law?

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    Shrug Has there been a change in the law?

    Ok, I used to browse the laser forum and eBay a year or so ago and the max. output was 5mw. Yes there were a few on eBay advertising above 5mw, but nothing like it is now. When I scan eBay I see many many vendors advertising 20, 30, 50, 125, and even 200mw units. I see prices have also gone way down. I'm wondering what has changed?

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    Most of those lasers have no IR filter. They may emit most of their power in the form of invisible, but still dangerous, IR radiation. They may also burn out or otherwise break quickly, and good luck trying to get one repaired. You're much better off skipping eBay altogether and going with Arnold at Atlasnova, FNinjaP90, or another reputable seller of quality lasers.

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    you shouldnt buy the pointers off ebay, in fact NEVER would be best. Those lasers could lack IR filters Resulting a 120mW= lets say 20mw of the laser and 100mW of IR. The IR itself can be harmful to others and you yourself. If you really want to get one from ebay, You can try novophone's. Some members have experience modding them before "DjStyle" in particular, including me. Ones that are not on ebay but would be great is Atlastnova's. As Stated above.

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