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Thread: Where to find AC powered lasers?

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    Default Where to find AC powered lasers?

    I just purchased a green laser from Arnold Beland over at Atlasnova and am extremely pleased with it.

    However I'm afraid its the beginning of what could become an addiction to lasers... if there is such a thing.

    I was wondering if anywone here has recommendations on where to find reasonably priced AC powered lasers. I'd be especially interested in gas or crystal based ones.

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    Default Re: Where to find AC powered lasers?

    Well, for DPSS I'd recommend either

    AiXiZ : (they are on ebay also) or
    Lasershowparts: (only on ebay AFAIK)

    For gas and other lasers you have many many options. All will be AC powered. Just do a search and you will find stuff like:
    meredith instruments:
    Laser Surplus Sales:

    Of course, there's stuff on ebay too, but buyer beware

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