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Thread: crystals wanted

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    Default crystals wanted

    hi.. does anyone have any dead lasers with crystals in......

    i`m looking for a crystal for a leadlight, and a crystal for a 100mw wicked lasers nexus.

    i was looking for a psu but i fixed that and broke the crystal

    decent prices will be paid including postage if any

    hope anyone can help


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    Default Re: crystals wanted

    ????????? surley someone must have some crystals that are no good to them???

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    Default Re: crystals wanted

    I'd suggest you give people some time to respond. Not everyone has time to check this forum all the time. Also, it may be a good idea to post this request on the appropriate part of the forum (b/s/t I think would be good). Or send Kiessling a PM asking him where, he will know

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