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Thread: Celebrity Paranormal on VH-1

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    Default Celebrity Paranormal on VH-1

    Anybody else catch this show yet? It's kind of a celeb version of that show "Fear" that was on MTV sometime ago. (they stick you in this 'haunted' location and then send you out in groups of two to complete tasks) I was looking at the lights they were using, you could see some pretty ringy beams at times.

    The last one I caught had Rachel Hunter and Tony Little (The exercise guru) among others.
    Rachel seemed more calm than him on her missions and he's a damn big guy. haha
    Another episode had Gary Busey (strange guy altogether) and Donna D'Errico. She started screaming her head off at one point because she was alone and said she saw a shadow of a man go down the hallway of this one sanitarium they were in. Then they told her she had to go back through that way to get out...
    She wasn't pleased.

    I think it's coming on today with Mariel Hemingway, Joe Piscopo and Picabo Street at 11AM EST (probably rerun tonight as well.)

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    Default Re: Celebrity Paranormal on VH-1

    LOL, I assume this is not Picabo's olympic skiing weight. Mariel Hemingway still looks pretty buff though.
    I live in a van down by the river

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