I am posting this for a friend. He is the newly-appointed admin of a phpbb forum.

He needs (and will pay) someone to help him 'clean up' a rogue member and install some admin tools.

If you have experience with phpbb, please post here.

Brief rundown of the problem:

1. users can sign up for new account w/o a valid email address
2. rogue member has several accounts, some are months old. these are being used to post junk
3. rogue member was in league with rogue admin
4. rogue admin provided access to unknown number of 'defunct' accounts, basically accounts which had not been logged into in over 12 months.
5. admin got banned
6. member's account are getting banned as they find them, or as he makes them known by posting


1. need verified signup process
2. need be to notified when NEW accounts are created
3. go through and mass lockout accounts dormant over 12(?) months
4. mass lockout accounts which have a particular email address linked to them.

If you can help, I can provide phpbb version and/or put you in contact with the person in need.

It is a small, regional forum. Total members are about 600. Active members are about 125. He is the only admin; there is nobody to help him. All other admins are banned or domoted because he is still learning that this guy has maintained separate identities for years. There is currently no way to know who to trust.