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Thread: WTB: Aleph parts for my first build!!

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    Wink2 WTB: Aleph parts for my first build!!

    I know, now is a bad time to want Aleph parts, but I figure someone's wanting to try out a new Cree in some form and probably has some spare parts around.

    I'm not terribly worried about condition, so scratches and scuffs are fine with me!! So this would be a good chance to unload an EDC or a dropped light.

    This is for educational purposes as it's my first build, so any help is greatly appreciated, especially if it's a complete body, minus the LE that would be great!

    I'd prefer Aleph 2 or 19 head (glass, reflector, O-rings), 2X123 or 1.5X123 preferred (I like longer bodies), and I like the McTC or E2D type guarded tail caps. I'm not at all concerned with material, though Ti would be cool, it would put this project into a higher tax bracket.

    I (currently) have no idea how the 2-stage works, but I'd like to incorporate that into my build if that helps any.

    If you happen to have the parts to allow me to build a LE for this project, that would be cool too!

    If there is anything you see completely wrong with my plan thus far, or I'm making a terrible newb mistake, feel free to bump me in the right direction. I actually listen to constructive criticism!

    As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: WTB: Aleph parts for my first build!!

    PM sent.


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    Default Re: WTB: Aleph parts for my first build!!

    PM sent....
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