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    Question Help with clothing

    I would like to get a set of camo clothing for roaming around in the outback with my cameras and such, but have about given up in despair of finding something that will fit comfortably.

    I have tried a 44 waist, so I can wear a set of thermals under, and I have tried Propper and Cabela's regular camo and military copies, and WalMart stuff, all with the same result: After washing according to instructions, they shrink, so that they are uncomfortable in the crotch. Some tall sizes might do it, but then the legs are too long. 'Course I WOULD save $$ on socks!

    Hemming is out, because I truly apprecitate the ankle drawstring feature. It keeps critters from vital portions of my anatomy. Scrunch down in the weeds? Forget it! I don't have the voice to sing soprano!

    All the manufacturers seem to produce is short-rise pants.

    Has anyone out there about my size; 6' 1", 240 lbs. , usual trouser size 42 X 32 had good experience finding comfortable, durable camo clothing, and if so, where might I be able to find it? Manufacturer?
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    Do what I do... buy the longer sizes and shorten them yourself.
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    Damn! I forget the brand but2 years ago I just bought some mesh overalls that have the "RealTree" pattern on them. I have 2 that are a little roomy so I can wear whatever I want under them from just jeans & long sleeve shirt to heavy coat and ski pants or ski bib. The other set is more tailored for warm months.

    This frees me up to be able to change the amount of layers etc. and as long as I don't wear bright red or orange underneath the camo does a perfect job of concealing.

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