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Thread: NexNeedle and 3.6v CR123A

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    Default NexNeedle and 3.6v CR123A hasn't been updated in awhile so i thought i'd pose my question here. because the wonderful NexNeedle goes through batteries so quickly, i am wanting a rechargeable solution. i came across some 3.6v batteries and would like to know if my 5w bulb can handle the extra jolt.
    thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: NexNeedle and 3.6v CR123A

    I have no idea as to the voltage limits of your driver, but you can find Mr. Bulk at I'm sure you will get an answer there if you have no luck here.

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    Default Re: NexNeedle and 3.6v CR123A

    thank you for the tip, M_R!

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