He Sliced and Diced His Way Into Pop Culture
Saturday, September 2, 2006
Arthur Schiff, who died of lung cancer last week in Coral Springs, Fla., at 66, was a businessman who ran his own marketing company for 23 years. And his passing, like the man himself, was altogether quiet, with not a single newspaper noting his death.
"But wait, there's more!" was Schiff's signature creation, his "Hamlet" and "Moby-Dick." It eclipsed his other immortal catchphrases: "Isn't that amazing?" "Now how much would you pay?" and "Act now and you'll also receive . . . " He wrote "Wait, there's more" for a spot for Ginsu knives (a product Schiff himself named, supposedly in his sleep), which has become one of the best-known commercials ever, and surely one of the most parodied.
I heard a commentary on this just after the new year. About how it was an overlooked story. Strange how his well known 'products' didn't really bring him fame.

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