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Thread: collimators and reflectors

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    For all you flashoholics that like to mod your own lights, where do you buy your collimators and reflectors from? I have a few names below that i have tried and heard of for years but i wanted to know if there are some genius underground sources i am missing...

    1) Fraen
    2) Dialight
    3) Khatod

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    Default Re: collimators and reflectors

    Two that I have bought from:

    The Sandwich Shoppe: http://theledguy.chainreactionweb.com/
    Photonfanatic: http://photonfanatic.com/

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    Default Re: collimators and reflectors

    I just ran across this place that actually seems to have cheap plastic reflectors for the cree.


    Haven't bought yet...but it looks good
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