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    I will try to get pictures up tonight. I bought a 2aa light at autozone for $3. It has a side clicky and it a bit longer than a minigag, but is skinnier. Same crap output as a minimag, so it decided it needs a new lease on life. First I pulled out the clicky assmembly and cut the bi-pin holder off to make it shorter and put the assembly back in the light. I used the circuit from my 1aa taskforce(from lowes). I had to file the board down to fit inside the light. Unfortunately I used hotglue to hold it in place but it gets the job done. I mounted the p4 cree on the stock board, which is unfortunately not a heatsink so I cut up a penny to conduct heat to the body.
    Now for the reflector. I swiped the reflecor from my dorcy super one watt and with some filing it fit right into the greatlight head. Put it all together and..
    Awsome light imo. Doing a ceiling bouce test I would say it puts out at least 75% the light of my dorcy 3d with a cree p4 . The beam is a nice wide hotspot and good spill with no rings. It is a perfect edc albeit a bit long, it fits perfeclty in my pocket. When shined in my backyard it iluminates a very large area and would be great for trail walking.
    I may have had to sacrifise my dorcy and taskforce but It was worth it. The aa form factor is much nicer than the 123a of the dorcy for my needs. If I could get this light output with one aa in my taskforce body I think I would have my ultimate edc. Can anyone recomend a circuit that will drive the cree to around 600ma on one nimh? Thanks for reading. I just felt the need to share

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinsanity286
    Can anyone recomend a circuit that will drive the cree to around 600ma on one nimh?
    Check post #309.

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