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Thread: Makita 14.4v flashlight

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    Default Makita 14.4v flashlight

    I have a Makita 14.4v cordless drill and light -ML140
    and while it is bright with its incand bulb, is there an option to drop in a LED similar to the TerraLUX SSC P4 mag upgrade? I dont have any modding skills so simpler the better.

    My less preferred option is to just put in a brighter incandescent bulb. I think the one in it is a 12v 0.7A bulb? I have no idea what to put in as i guess it may start having heating probs with a brighter bulb.


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    Default Re: Makita 14.4v flashlight

    I don't know of a drop in replacement lamp assembly, but I had Milkyspit build me this......

    out of my Makita light.

    Still working perfectly too.

    I wish I could afford a BarnBurner!

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    Default Re: Makita 14.4v flashlight

    Love the Makita mod. Great task light - leaves hands free. Now I must make one!

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