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Thread: Surefire Runtime question L1 vs E1L

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    Question Surefire Runtime question L1 vs E1L

    Hi just read the 2007 Surefire Catalog online, very well done.

    I am still a bit confused why the new L1 low Lumens is 10 and runtime is rated at 16 hours, and the new E1L is rated 30 lumens for 17 hours? Both are single 123 cell.

    Does this seem like too much of a difference? E1L is 30 lumens vs 10 lumens and actually has longer runtime. How can this be explained - inneficient driver on low?

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    I believe the consensus was that Surefire's 2007 catalog went to print before the exact and final details for each new model were hammered out. So some of the specifications might be a little off.

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    Default Re: Surefire Runtime question L1 vs E1L

    The brochure for my chevy cavailier says 670 horsepower, but then I had it dynoed and its only 150Hp!!! False advertising!!!!
    But really.....I think if anything, Surefire would underestimate the runtime and output as opposed to hyping their products with exagerated claims. Like Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, they advertise a lower spec than what it is really putting out. Could be wrong though.
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    Default Re: Surefire Runtime question L1 vs E1L

    I suggest people wait until these new products have been released and CPFers can manually perform runtime tests to determine what the normal use figures are.

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